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I am a new hire K teacher with DODEA. I'm certified pk-3rd in VA.

Why does my DODEA provisional certificate only have PK and K?

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TeacherMama K in Daegu They qualified me for PK, K, and 1-3.

I don't really want to teach 1-3. But I also want to make myself more marketable should I want to transfer at some point.
Oct 12
haha Write to whoever issued you your DoDEA certificate and ask them what you are missing for elementary certification, Barring that find out who the licensing person is for your area and write them.
Oct 12
EmilyG So where/when/how do we get our DODEA provisional? I logged into the system to look it up, and it was blank. My colleague who was hired last year also has hers show up blank as well.
Oct 13
haha I recall they sent my provisional to me via email. If you still haven't received it I would follow up with whoever is your area licensure person is.
Oct 13
DodeaHopeful TeacherMaMa... Email them. They only put on your license what you were hired for. NOT what you can actually teach. I am jealous... I was a new hire this year and they still haven't sent mine
Oct 26

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