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Is there anyone that teaches in Korea? How do you like it? My husband was offered a position there.
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DodeaHopeful I wouldn't worry about staying in your LQA, they are very generous in Korea. You get between $65,000-$69,000 a year... seems more than doable. I would worry about making sure you like other places in Korea besides Seoul. They are drawing down the population there and moving people to Camp Humphreys. It's a very different place than Seoul. You're go...See More
Nov 20, 2017
H What is Camp Humphreys like? My husband was just offered an interview there. My biggest concern is the pollution because of my asthma. Otherwise, I think it would be great to explore South Korea.
Apr 24
DodeaHopeful Download an Air pollution app and set it to Pyeongtaek. Talk with your husband and decide before the interview.

You can avoid going outside and wear a mask if you have to. Many military members and their dependents are over here with asthma. In fact, people have been denied with their asthma from going to Alaska and approved to come here. ...See More
Mary As for the LQA, you get a set amount that increases 10% with the third and fifth dependents, so your allowance will be larger and in some locations you can live on the military facility and some have homes where two homes have been connected by knocking out walls to provide a 6 or 8 bedroom home rather than two 3 or 4 bedroom homes.
Teacher dad Congratulations! When did you applied to dodea?
Apr 26

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