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Hey everyone! So my wife is beginning the application process to the DoDEA and I had a few questions. First, I don't believe this will be a problem but I want to know if she is qualified enough to be considered a "good" candidate. She has her Master's Degree, is currently in her 5th year of teaching, and does multiple extracurricular activities(student council, peer mediation, track coaching, field hockey coaching). Is this a solid resume?

My next question is about the process. I am currently a student and will be graduating December 2019. So she is applying for the 2019/2020 school year. When do interviews for these positions begin? Also, I am aware that she will be moving a few months before I do(due to me finishing school). Would there be a problem with this, or would I still have my relocation costs covered(flight) even though I'm going a little later than her?

My final question is, when do they typically move abroad? If a school year starts at the end of August d...See More
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someday There is a five-year rule for DOD civilians but the teachers are excluded from it. They could try to change that one day but I am pretty sure the union would fight it tooth and nail.
Jan 12, 2018
Dan Got it! That's great to hear. Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll have more questions in the months ahead, but this was a great start.
Jan 12, 2018
HistoryTeacher If your wife is teaching in a Common Core state, it would be good to highlight the experience in the application, especially if her students take the PARCC and are getting good results. Also, DoDEA is all about professional collaboration and teacher-leaders these days, so that's something else that's good to emphasize if applicable.
yesterday, 2018
Jello76 How would you suggest highlighting things like that? Not turning in a resume is kind of freaking me out. The system is almost too easy. Do you just list CCSS or being a teacher leader in the skills area?
yesterday, 2018
Mary The College and Career Readiness/Common Core experience and PARCC experience can be highlighted in the narrative on the experiences page. This narrative location is a great place to list anything not already mentioned in the application. However, the characters are limited.
Feb 22, 2018

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