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My application is showing "qualified" as of 01-11. My children are station at Camp Lejeune, and I will move there mid-June. How difficult will it be to secure a position stateside? My fear is I will take a job with the local school board, and then DoDEA will make an offer. Any advice on how to navigate the hiring process is greatly appreciated.
haha Tough to say. I believe there are a number of DoDEA elementary schools on post (4 or 5?) compared to 1 MS and 1 HS so your odds might be higher if you are ES certified. When in doubt, create a nice cover letter and introductory email and write to the principals of schools you would like to work at. Someone might write back and give you some of idea...See More
Jan 11, 2018
iteach2015 @haha I am certified in ECE &Special Ed Curriculum. According, to my AP, and ILT they ignore pushy teachers. They expressed great displeasure when teachers call, email or pop-up. Yet, you and several others seem to think it will work toward my advantage. Thanks for taking time to offer advice.
Jan 12, 2018
haha ECE and SPED are very good areas for DoDEA overseas, so I would assume they would be pretty good for stateside as well.

It's always hard to predict how a principal will react in any situation. In my experience, principals with DoDEA do not seem to mind (and even appreciate it) if they know about qualified teachers moving into the area. ...See More
Jan 12, 2018
Mary Apply in EAS as quickly as you can for that specific location.

Make sure you are state certified in at least two different states, so if you need to break your local district contract you will still have a state certification (without one, you might no longer qualify depending on your credit hours).
Feb 22, 2018

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