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Does anyone know after the transfer round etc. if there are currently any jobs open overseas for teachers of the visually impaired and or TVI/LIMM overseas? Like even internally listed? I know Japan has had openings and I was even told I would get an interview but then no response. Does anyone know of anything? Thanks.
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southernteach The ISS or one of them for Japan has actually told me through a SPED teacher to contact them in January and if my qualifications matched up they would interview me. So I did but I never heard back. Thanks for the info. I had heard UK and Italy and Japan had openings. So I will just hope something turns out. Do you know if it is a certain school in ...See More
Feb 11
haha VI could be at a single school or complex if there are enough students to warrant it. Generally speaking there usually aren't. In the case of the Japan position, it would have been .5 at one complex/at the District and.5 LIMM at another school/complex.

The UK position was based at Lakenheath ES. No idea if there were other schools that wou...See More
Feb 11
southernteach Ok. Great info and thank you so much again!!
Feb 11
haha Apparently the Japan .5 VI position has been combined with a .5 HI position and they will be recruiting for the new position for the new year (if not before).
southernteach So they combined hearing impaired with visually impaired? I believe that may be a hard combo to find. Oh well. Thanks for updating me haha.
Feb 13

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