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Just curious, as coming from a state that is trying to defund public schools and not securing our pension. I was wondering how feasible it is to get a job with the DoDEA in America? I can teach Middle and High School Social Studies, I can teach AP and Dual Credit with 2 1/2 masters degrees and have a Rank 1 Certification. I have a senior dog so that is the reason that Overseas is out for the moment. I have 13 years in and I am afraid that my pension will be in doubt and we do not get social security and already put in 13% of my pay to the state. I did complete my DoDEA application and it is pending. Do my teaching experience and education provide me any advantages or am I at the end of the queue? Also, how much turnover is there in the DoDEA? Is there tenure in the DoDEA? Thanks for the info.
haha Your teaching experience and education are just fine to be considered for a teaching position with DoDEA. The issue may be with your area of certification. SS is a fairly competitive field with many qualified candidates for a limited number of positions. Many SS teachers end up teaching at some other classes, so principals often favor candidates wi...See More
Apr 15, 2018
Mary There are very few stateside DoDEA high schools. This is something to consider. You may want to review where the high schools are located.

You will be credited up to 5 years of teaching experience in the stateside DoDEA schools, so you could start on step 5 if you have the employment verification forms completed to reflect your experience...See More
Apr 16, 2018

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