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Well, not one referral this year. I know it could still happen...I did get one referral 2 years ago in the middle of August. But I think another year has gone by again. This coming year will be my last year to apply :( I have to begin building a pension somewhere. I really want a DOD job. I hope I get a call next year... (I've been active for 5 years now. My only 3 interview calls were 2 years ago, but I turned them all down because I had already signed a contract with a new district in my home state.)
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LocalHopeful I am feeling the same frustration! There were multiple job openings at the elementary school at the base we are stationed and my name was not even pulled to interview for them even though i interviewed last school year. Not sure if something was wrong with my application this year or what but so over this process!
Aug 13, 2019
Icanread We had a teacher who called HR and asked why she wasn't being referred or interviewed (she was a local hire). Amazingly within a few months she was interviewed and offered a position. It may be beneficial to call HR locally and inquire. There is a lot of mystery around how Dodea functions!
Aug 14, 2019
haha For local applicants who aren't even being considered for openings it might be worth talking to the principals (make an appt., especially if you aren't subbing and/or wouldn't normally have a chance to speak to the principal(s). It may do no good but you might learn something and/or be able to fix a problem with your application or some mispercepti...See More
Aug 14, 2019
uh89 Definitely start thinking about starting your pension here stateside. That's a great point you made and I highly recommend doing that. Getting a DoDDS position these days is kind of like winning a lottery. The chances are extremely slim.
Aug 14, 2019
Cmc If I were staying beyond this next school year, I'd consider it. We're relocating somewhere, not sure where yet. One of the locations where hubs applied does not have DODEA schools. The universe has repeatedly shut the door on me. It's time I realize it's not going to open for me here. Maybe my door is at another location or not with DODEA at all.
Aug 15, 2019

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