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Do civilians get a sponsor to help them transition when venturing overseas?
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kiki08 Do you know if they make the assignment prior to arrival or is it once you get there?
Aug 19, 2019
HelpOthers Usually before you arrive. You can send a copy of your orders so they can help set up your post office box ahead of time (when permitted), reserve your room at lodging, and help you figure out how you will get there from the airport, etc.
Aug 20, 2019
kiki08 Okay sounds great! I'm not sure when that will be but I'm hoping that I get help when the time comes?
Aug 20, 2019
HelpOthers I think it is appropriate to contact your school and ask them for a sponsor/mentor. I also suggest signing up for the Facebook pages for your new community.
Aug 21, 2019
Jaxx At what school will you be teaching this year?
Aug 21, 2019

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