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I work for the Dept of Army already. I have been notified my security clearance is good to go. They need my immediate supervisor and HR contact. I clarified this is not my "formal" offer yet. I'm sure it went fast as I'm already in the system.

First question- I checked my EAS account. It isn't locked. This is a must? (I have to tell my supervisor on Monday and she's going to be not so I'm worried I'll make her mad for naught).

Second question- I have looked and looked and do not know what Americas teacher contract days are. I wanted to start on my math for how much of a pay cut I'm going to have. Are yearly contract days 190? Daily hours 7.5 or 8? I have already gotten my 5 years accepted and they resent my tentative offer with that salary.

Third question- when earning leave do you get sick leave and vacation/personal days? Or is sick/personal all in one? I am a current GS employee and I've been told my hours will transfer over. (I have a trip that...See More
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DODEAHopeful Thank you for the welcome! You've eased some of my fears.

I was asking about the salary since I'm sure I won't start until January- after the break. So, having done this with other districts as a teacher, I get only the money for the remaining contract days. Since we 'front load' our contract so that we get paid through the summer, I will ...See More
Nov 20
haha Ah, that's why DoDEA overseas starts everyone on 12 paychecks. No summer pay the first year but no worries about not have front loaded. The first paycheck of the new school year is generally in August, although I can't recall which one was the first this year (17th or 30th?).
Nov 20
haha *21 paychecks
Nov 20
uh89 Do have enough funds to carry you through for a while as when I started teaching for DoDDS in Japan my first paycheck didn't arrive until the first week of October.
DODEAHopeful Thank you uh89. I'm DOD to I imagine my pay checks will just keep going. But if not, I have a savings. But I do wonder if my leave will transfer over. DoDEA HR said it will- both vacation and sick. Principal's secretary said I'll cash it out and only bring sick. So, who knows!

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