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I work for the Dept of Army already. I have been notified my security clearance is good to go. They need my immediate supervisor and HR contact. I clarified this is not my "formal" offer yet. I'm sure it went fast as I'm already in the system.

First question- I checked my EAS account. It isn't locked. This is a must? (I have to tell my supervisor on Monday and she's going to be not so I'm worried I'll make her mad for naught).

Second question- I have looked and looked and do not know what Americas teacher contract days are. I wanted to start on my math for how much of a pay cut I'm going to have. Are yearly contract days 190? Daily hours 7.5 or 8? I have already gotten my 5 years accepted and they resent my tentative offer with that salary.

Third question- when earning leave do you get sick leave and vacation/personal days? Or is sick/personal all in one? I am a current GS employee and I've been told my hours will transfer over. (I have a trip that...See More
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Ferguson To be clear, its 10 total days (7 APL, 3 Sick).
Ferguson To be clear, its 10 total days (7 APL, 3 Sick).
haha Or vice versa?
Icanread Yes... it's 3 APL and 7 sick.
DODEAHopeful An update if anyone is interested....I cannot transfer GS leave, per Pamela Beck with DoDEA. I guess if it was an AD non teacher position maybe, as soon as she found out I'm a teacher, it was a no. Also said if it showed up in my acct to notify her asap as she will remedy it. So, I asked to cash it out. Hopefully this works. I don't want my leave t...See More
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