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Hello everyone,

I'm am checking to see when we can begin putting our application together for the 2020-21 school year. It is to my understanding the Army has taken over HR, and the ability to call in to ask questions has gone away. Everything has to be emailed to

If you are on the outside looking in like me and have a different experience with the changes with the application, please let me know. Thank you!
haha That's interesting. I knew about CHRA taking over many of the HR related duties but hadn't really thought about it as it related to EAS/new hires. It will be interesting to see if they stick with email only inquiries and how that goes.

I do know HR has had a big shake-up. I went to email two people that I communicated with last year and ne...See More
Cookie They are very responsive. I think it's a good change. I emailed and received a response within 24 hours.
Lindsey @Daniel I found that this system has been much more applicant friendly. I used to try and call and call but get no answer or a returned call. I feel like they are much more responsive now.

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