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Hello! My HR rep said that I would need to contact a woman to get my flight booked. I was wondering if there is any way around having to fly on Patriot Express. I am coming from Phoenix and flying to Germany (K-town). I would prefer to fly commercial for many reasons. The number one reason is I will be flying back for my little girls in June and a round trip ticket is so much more economical than having to buy the one way. Secondly, I am trying to avoid shipping UB and was hoping to fly American so I can take 5 bags. Finally and probably the least important to them, I am a frequent flyer and want those points! Any tips on how to get approval to book commercial then get reimbursed vs having them book me on the PE?

My second question is about lodging. My school suggested a hotel which is near the school. I found one with amenities I would prefer a few miles away. I am planning on getting my licence and a rental car on day one so I don't think the distance will be an issue. My qu...See More
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Lindsey Oh my goodness @someday. I will be going absolutely nuts if I have to rely on someone else for 2 weeks. I do have a dependent ID. I wonder if that will be in my favor. If I need the CAC card specifically, I wonder why.
Jan 25
haha As the sponsor, you will now get an ID that is both your CAC and official ID. If your dependent ID is still valid, you might be able to use that to get started but I have no experience with military ID vs DoDEA CAC/ID. Keep asking the people on the ground and see what they say.
Jan 25
Lindsey Thanks haha. I was able to ask in a FB group and there were mixed responses. Some said I could get it the same day I arrive. I made an appt at MPF for my ID and hope to go get the driver's license paperwork that afternoon. I was told I am able to test ahead of time with my sponsors info. Haven't tried that yet though.
Jan 26
Mary DoDEA is charged more for the rotator than what they pay for most commercial flights, so they prefer you not fly the rotator. If a military travel office is booking, they may not realize this.
Feb 24
Lindsey @Mary they didn't make me take the rotator. He asked me if I wanted to and I said no so he just looked for commerical options. The Sato office here in Germany s making arrangements for my girls, myself, and my parents. I just have to pay for the other tickets. That is really helpful and I get the contracted rate for all of them. I did as Connie and...See More
Feb 24

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