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Greetings! I noticed that my 'transcripts and license' section had a red cross, indicating they are invalid. I see that transcripts need to be official, as far as i know the only way to do that is have them snail mailed to recipient. anyone have any input? my license is also saying the same and i'm uncertain what they want (emailed HR but not holding breath)

going on 3 years now and not 1 referral : (
Lindsey Hello! I am not sure about the red x but as far as the transcripts go you should be fine uploading your official transcripts. You shouldn't need to send them to them directly. I got them from my university, opened them, and uploaded them. They have not asked for any since then either. Maybe there is a glitch or something going on with it. I don't u...See More
haha Agree that opened official transcripts that have been scanned in are generally fine. If you get an offer, they will want official, unopened transcripts mailed in directly.

When in doubt, delete everything and try again.
Mary Open and scan one copy and keep an unopened official copy to have signed and uploaded later. If you are near s DoDEA school or HQ, they can open, verify as originals by signing that they were originals and scan and send copies to you.
Feb 24
Shamoont On the FAQ page, it states: Can I upload a copy of my official transrcpts? Answer We require copies of all official transrcpts. We do not accept e-transrcpts or unofficial transrcpts.

My uploaded documents are "official" pdf copies of transcripts that I ordered online. It states on the transcript that it is official. Is this still consider...See More
Feb 25

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