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I am sure it has been asked here before but I can't find anything. I have an interview request for Cuba and am wondering about benefits. I know it is considered an America district and on the american pay scale. Do they pay for the move? LQA? COLA or Post Allowance? Thanks!
haha As I recall, it should be on the same level of benefits/salary scale, etc. of other overseas OCONUS schools (.e.g pay for move, LQA, Post Allowance, etc.). Good luck!
Mar 30
Icanread My understanding is that in Cuba they give you a house but they do not give you any LQA. But they should pay for your move and other overseas benefits.
Mar 30
HelpOthers Actually, although though it is supported by DoDEA Americas due to location, it is considered a foreign country and receives all the foreign country benefits. The opposite is true for Guam which is supported by DoDEA Pacific South, but is a USA territory and only provides relocation (not housing etc.).

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