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Ahhh...I hate phone interviews. I just finished interviewing for the kinder position and I feel indifferent. I could have answered them better, but it is also hard to "read" them. I don't know how much of an impact I made but it's experience, right? I know it was suppose to last 30 minutes but mine ended at 22 minutes. :O

Also, they are looking to fill the position ASAP though. They said that they will put in names for the job by tomorrow but HR can take a while. They mentioned that it could be as early as next week though. So it just depends...

Here are the questions I remember:

Tell me about yourself.

How would you handle a disruptive student?

What does you lesson plan look like?

How do you communicate with parents?

What is your SPEd background?

How do you monitor students and what do you do with your findings?

What are 3 expectations you have of your students?

What experience do you have in a 2...See More
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okihope I think for me it was knowing I would only have 30 minutes but not knowing how many questions. I felt if I kept going it would sound like I was rambling and or run out of time. I was hoping to teach the remainder of the year, but if not then hopefully I will get an interview for the next school year. Also, I'm a bit confused too. I'm the person tha...See More
LolaTeach Okihope, there are two possible scenarios. One, is that they already have someone lined up, but they have to go through the hiring process 'motions' and interview others even if they already know who they will hire. Another scenario is that there is a long term sub in that position and that's who the teacher was referring to.
okihope @LolaTeach, that's kinda what I figured too. I am not sure how they go about it. I know at my previous district they were required to post the job but if they already had someone lined up they didn't have to go through the interview process with other candidates. We will see! Trying to stay positive but I don't feel the best about it. It was an exp...See More
haha Agree, it's hard to know for certain. If the other person is a local hire though, they are not generally required to interview CONUS (it's generally the other way around: they have to investigate local before they go CONUS). Hang in there!
HelpOthers My understanding is that they only request referral lists and interview CONUS when there are no qualified local hires.

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