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Hi Everyone!

This question is for @haha or anyone currently teaching SPED for the DODEA. I am qualified to teach Grades 1-3, 4-6 and Mild Learning Impaired (Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary). I just decided to add Emotional Impairment for elementary (and am qualified ) and I am considering adding Emotional Impairment for Middle School and Secondary (I've only taught Emotional Impairment at the elementary level).

Here is my question: What are the case loads like for Emotionally Impaired teachers? Do they have those teachers at most schools? What does it look like for the Middle and Secondary levels?

Thank you,

haha I don't have any current/specific numbers on EI programs, caseloads, etc. This is what I can say/speculate from what I have experienced in Europe/Pacific and read/seen over the years:

Mild Learning Impaired (or as we still call it LI or LIMM) positions/programs are by far the most frequent. Every/virtually every school (ES/MS/HS) all have ...See More
HelpOthers *If you can add an area of certification and don't mind working with that age group- I suggest adding it.

It is true that EI services are not always met by an EI teacher in all locations. The same thing can be said for non-DoDEA schools. Students with IEPs are served in the ways that meet FAPE and LRE requirements with the resources availa...See More
Missamy @haha and @Mary, sorry for the delay!! I've been working from home with a two year old. SOS, LOL Thank you for replying!! Both of your responses were really helpful.

I got my first referral yesterday for teaching moderately/severe learning impaired!!! As of right now, the DODEA said I wasn't qualified because I'm missing the 12 credits in...See More
Apr 17
haha New guidance from HR apparently said they will evaluate qualifications as needed. Either they really need LIMS teachers or they are pulling lists first and evaluating as they go.

It happened to me in the past. I made it all the way to interview before the principal looked at my transcripts and said he'd love to hire me but didn't think I w...See More
Apr 17
HelpOthers The referral lists are pulled based on the areas you said you qualified in. Verification will be done later. Some choose to get the verification before the interview and others at the time of the offer.
Apr 17

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