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What does it mean if you get a referral for a location that was not on your list? That they're in need and not enough applicants perhaps? TIA
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LolaTeach Possibly. When I applied two years ago, I revived many referrals and Emails from principals in Japan and Korea. Neither were on my list. This year CHRA announced that they would only send referrals to locations selected on EAS. I guess that's not the case.
haha Yes, like many aspects of DoDEA, it's hard to tell exactly what is going on. Either they are hard up for that position at that location, or HR and or EAS is confused and practices have not caught up with the new policy (or some other unknowable factor is having an impact).
HelpOthers The initial referral list likely only included those who chose those locations. If the principals did not find qualified applicants going that route, they may have requested one that includes people who have not chosen that location in hopes that the person might change their mind when called to interview. Remember if you decline an offer, your app...See More
Soda Suggestions for a polite way to turn down an interview for a location you aren't interested in?
haha Just be very straightforward. Thank you very much for your interest in my candidacy but as I had indicated on my EAS, we are not considering positions in XYZ at this time (or words to that affect). You might have a reason you want to include or just leave it at that.

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