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Those of you who have gotten a tentative offer, or an offer in general, we're you completely surprised? Like you didn't expect it at all? After interviews, I always think that I will never get an offer. I'm really hoping to be completely surprised!
RL85 I was completely surprised! First off, I didn't feel to confident after my interview. Second, my tentative offer came in 2 or 3 weeks after the interview. I had basically moved on decided to check my EAS on day and saw it was frozen. A few minutes later the offer email arrived and chaos ensued! It was a great time!

I spent 9 years teachin...See More
May 24, 2020
haha I was pleasantly shocked. I felt that the interview was going well (despite time difference, being interrupted/cut off several times due to dodgy phone connections in our overseas country, etc.) until I asked about the time frame for making a decision. We were obviously curious, but our jobs were also ending and we realized that within the next wee...See More
May 24, 2020

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