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I have been referred for an overseas position and I decided to prep answers to the typical interview questions I have seen on this chatboard.

Whether or not I actually get an interview, I want to go ahead and be prepared for the future. I was curious about how to answer questions concerning lesson planning around the pandemic. I have noticed that several people in the past refer to questions concerning lesson planning and dealing with unexpected situations at school.

If I am asked about how my lesson plans would look, what are some things that schools expect from teachers during this pandemic as far as preparing and delivering lessons? What LMS or other software are they expected to use? Any advice is appreciated!
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MsBrown19 *they used
May 29
moont Just finished my Interview and was asked the same seven questions. Most centered on how I use assessment and plan lessons. The interview lasted over 45 minutes and the principal took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions, and then went into the entire process of what happens when one is hired (I didn't ask...). Very sweet and offered a ...See More
May 30
DODEA or Bust Do you mind saying for what location/position you interviewed for?
May 30
moont It was for SHAPE Middle School.
May 31
Islandgirl They should include the standard, I can statement and use words like backward design....differentiated groups, target skills, exit ticket

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