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Do you think it matters if your availability date lapses? Once my current availability dare passes I get on and push it back about a month. Is there any reason to do or not do this?
haha Hard to say, exactly. If you are considering yourself available for mid-year hiring, then you would probably just want to put as an early a date as possible. If you were going to be available at the end of the school year, then you probably should just put June.

Now though, why would you keep moving it back? I always interpreted availabili...See More
May 29
ecd5 Just put the start of the school year of the district where you are hoping to go.
May 29
oldshack I am just saying I originally had March 30th, that passed April 15th, that passed, may 15, etc... Should I just set it and not worry about it? I can leave whenever, my superintendent was quite excited about me wanting to try it. She said the district would let me leave with no repercussions.
haha Under those circumstances, set it for now and forget it.
May 31
HelpOthers I agree. Set a date now for availability 6/1/2020 and not again until at least the spring when they start looking for the following year. It's more important to make sure upload your transcripts and educational certificate/license each year, even if nothing changes to make sure the date next to it shows the new school-year.

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