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Someone asked about dependents not be allowed when interviewing/being referred for Bahrain. I don't think I even answered because I was confused as I had not heard about Bahrain going unaccompanied. Apparently they are moving in that direction and phasing out dependents for military (and teachers?):

Whether it get fully implemented will likely depend on the election in November.
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ecd5 Also, if you are excessed in your first year with DoDEA you are still considered provisional and would not be guaranteed a transfer.
haha I thought someone had posted that a referral they recently received for Bahrain already said no dependents, but I could be hallucinating that (life is a surreal experience these days).

Technically they could just send you home if you are provisional, but it is generally not done (so far), which of course is no guarantee for the future. Hop...See More
Cordelia Hi, I was the one who posted that. I got an interview request for Bahrain, but it said I would have to go without dependents. Here is the text: "Your name has appeared on a list for a DoDEA Kindergarten teaching position at Bahrain Elementary. Bahrain Elementary currently is only able to accept new hires that are without dependents. Our school curr...See More
haha Apparently there are dependents of government employees (e.g. diplomatic, military command, other civilians?) that will still be allowed to bring dependents. Between those (and locals who are allowed/pay to attend, it is not expected for the school to close. Then again, with a different administration (if it happens), the plan may never be fully im...See More
Icanread I was hired in 2018 from the states, my position was excessed in 2019, I was placed locally, and my position was excessed again a few months ago. My superintendent reassured me that because I was hired from the states that I would be guaranteed a position in my current location. I am still provisional until August, but I am looking at moving to my ...See More

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