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I was qualified for Spanish in the EAS system, and today also for German. Waiting for paperwork to qualify for ESL. Any idea about how demanded those positions are. Does it hekp to be qualified for more then one subject?I I inteviewed for a Spanish position, waiting on a response. Any thoughts and ideas. Hopefully there are some good news soon....
haha Spanish is taught in every Secondary school (and some MS). So, every high school will have at least one position. It used to be taught at elementary but they discontinued the program.

German is taught in every school in Germany (which are significant in number). I believe at every level.

ESL is generally provided at all schools, ...See More
madrid10 Thank you, Someone mentioned that Spanish was a certification that many had, and not very much required. I just hope my the ESL paperwork goes thru quicly. Pandemeic and slow burocracy. Thank you for the info.

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