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Hi all! I saw a post in another message board and wanted to see what input this group may have.

About how much money should someone have saved to cover expenses for an overseas move? Are any expenses covered by DoDEA upfront or are most reimbursed at a later time? Any input would be helpful. Thank you!
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Ida DoDEA allows you to ship 1 car, but as haha mentioned, not to Japan. If you need an additional car for a spouse (which depends on if the base you arrive at lets you) you would need to purchase one and sell it before you moved again. It is probably a good idea also to decide if your car is "worth" shipping and maintaining in a new country.
MsBrown19 Thank you!
HelpOthers You can request up to three months (or three paychecks, can't remember which) up front and the rest of your annual salary is evenly spread for the remainder of your pay periods. This money up front helps with the house. But if you are going to Pac West, that is Korea and LQA is usually paid the entire year up front and you receive the LQA before pa...See More
HelpOthers Actually, I think Guam is joining Pac West, but is still treated as the American Territory it is, so no LQA.
moont Congratulations!! Thank you for posting your timeline!

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