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Referral List Rating Score:

The rating score of a possible 130 points includes points for

Veterans' Preference, education, specialized degree area, recency of

education, honors, recency of experience and interview score (if

applicable). Candidates are referred in rank order on the referral list

according to their rating score.

Competencies score: In addition to the possible 130 point rating score, a

separate 35 point competency score has also been assigned to each applicant based on experience and course work. This competency score is intended to identify applicants with additional competencies who could bring 21st century instructional practices to the classroom. Selecting officials are

encouraged to consider with special care the applications with high competency scores.
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Shawna11 I was confused too, but I'm glad I posted this response, because looking at the earlier comments above....I guess it is possible that you get points on how well you did in previous interviews.....not sure. If that is the case, it would seem harder for true newbies who've never been on interviews...
Shawna11 recency of experience/education is not clear to me either
Teach I would assume (but we all know what that does) that the interview points are added after the interview when the selections are sent to HR from the interviewing official. So, if you hypothetically had 115 points and the interview gave you 10, your number would be 125. Your interview number could be higher than that of someone that has veterans pref...See More
Teach And the other assumption would be that recency of education/experience would be if you've taken courses recently, as it asks about recent coursework in the application. They also want to know what experience you have in the areas you're certed in, and that plays a part too. So I would think that's the experience bit since it asks specifically withi...See More
haha Regarding interviews, there is also a good chance that that section applies to admin (or above school level positions) that have an interview/essays, as part of the application process. As posted, for teachers it doesn't make much sense that interview scores are added AFTER the fact, when this is supposed to be the system that generates referral li...See More

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