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Can anybody tell me about this school? I received my first referral notice and am really happy about it.

Thank you!
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fmp3 sorry I don't know about the school, out of curiosity, may i ask what position?
Jul 14
HelpOthers I've never heard bad things about the school, but have not worked there personally. You can go to the DoDEA website and search for the school and see what DoDEA has posted about it.You can also seek information about the local military facility and community.
Jul 14
OverThere MS/HS Science
Jul 14
OverThere @HelpOthers. Thank you - it seems between the two schools there are about 550 kiddos. Our middle/high school have 2300 between them, so it would be nice to go smaller. Of course, that is if I even get an interview (fingers crossed).
Jul 14
TGIF I agree with HelpOthers. Basic information about most school communities can be found online, and through Facebook. Here is their Facebook page: Here is the public webpage: And here is the base PCS page to help you get an idea about the area and how a move would work: ...See More
Jul 15

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