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So when you're packing, do you separate what you want shipped through HHG, what you want shipped as unaccompanied baggage and what you want stored before the packers get there? Also, do they pack what's going to be stored or do we?
haha In theory, they will pack everything, but most people prefer to organize, separate and trouble-shoot as much as possible. We packed most of our stuff into boxes/bins before they got there and had our own inventory. Once they get in there, things get a little crazy and it's generally better to try and head off problems ahead of time (many people rep...See More
Ida Yes you want to organize as much as possible in advance. We did t go so far as to have items in boxes or tubs but definitely had all UB in one room of the house. They should come and do a walkthrough before packing day and take an inventory so make sure to ask your packers specific questions also about what would help them help you.

As ha...See More
Jul 14
TGIF First, congratulations! Second, I agree with HaHa and Ida. It would be helpful to have everything sorted, cleaned, and prepped accordingly prior to the movers arriving. I would also agree that it is helpful to have a second person there to help you with eyes and ears. Last, I recommend taking pictures of your belongings prior to the movers arriving...See More

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