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I am new to the board, but I have been looking to get a DODEA job abroad since this past summer. I just applied for a job as a Temporary Virtual Teacher in either Germany or Japan. I have a couple of questions that I wanted to see if anyone knows the answers to:

1) Do Temporary Full Time Teachers get health & dental benefits?

2) Do Temporary Full Time Teachers get LQA?

3) Do Temp Full Time Teachers get COLA?

4) Is it easier to get a Permanent Teaching position if you accept a Temp position?

5) Can DODEA Civilian employees get into Germany & Japan during Covid-19?

Any additional information you can provide would be very appreciated.

Thank you,

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HelpOthers It sounds like it will be handled similar to a local NTE (not to exceed) position. You will likely work from your own home or hub within the USA. Transportation is not provided when moving to a location within the USA. LQA is also not offered and cost of living is built into the USA payscale. Even if supporting students in Eu or Pac, your pay may b...See More
oldshack Just curious, on EAS I marked I am only interested in full-time permanent positions. I then received a hub referral. Is this just EAS and an oddity, or are there actually full time virtual positions coming?
emma20 @ oldshack: Do you mind sharing for what and where you received a referral? Really hoping for a referral for the German hub as well...
Oct 19
Icanread I think many of the VS positions right now are temporary so I'm assuming they would not move you. You would probably just work the appropriate hours, depending on which region you were placed at.
Oct 26
LolaTeach Yep, spoke with HR, they aren't moving anyone. These aren't permanent positions.
Oct 26

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