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I read on here, somewhere, that it was suggested to reach out and contact the school if you received a referral. Thoughts on contacting the district Sup. if you do not know the exact school? What to say? Has anyone done this before for an admin role? Wondering if it matters
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KMC I am seeing there are district Sup. and then community leaders and chief of staff
Jun 17
Icanread It could be the community superintendent, chief of staff, maybe even other principals possibly (not sure about the last one). Did you write a cover letter on USAjobs? If not, I would make sure you write a specific one each time you apply. I would address it accordingly (superintendent, community sup, chief of staff, etc).
Jun 17
KMC @Icanread yes I submitted a cover letter when I applied for the admin position. I just wonder if there is more I can do to ensure I get noticed in the referral pile.
Jun 17
HelpOthers I miss-read the initial post. Yes, if you are applying for an administrator position, include a cover letter, references, a resume that shows you have all the experience you say you have in the questionnaire related to the application- this could mean a 5-10 page resume- follow the suggestions in USA Jobs for creating a resume. It really does need ...See More
Jun 18
KMC @helpothers I have already applied on usajobs and have been referred to locations. So all documents submitted. I decided to just send a short email to district leadership saying such. Let's see...just hoping to get their attention when the referral pile crosses their desks. I didnt want to bombard them with a long email etc. Since I already passed ...See More
Jun 20

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