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This used to be a sticky point for some DoDEA Schools. While, I do keep a daily record of Lesson Plans, it is not as formal as my previous schools under NCLB Government Mandate to improve standardized test scores or show reasons why 100% of the students failed to achieve 100% excellence. For those non-DoDEA schools, every daily course lesson plan had to show specific bullet points, State Teaching Standards paragraph and sub-number, and write a statement on every page that the daily lesson plans were 504 compliant -- even if you did not have 504 designated students.

Is a there a current DoDEA Teacher Class Lesson Plan requirement we are supposed to use? My principal is new to DoDEA school this year and I don't want to give any ideas to increase my workload by paperwork that will be filed away and never read by any human.
haha Prior to the new contract, there was no official DoDEA requirement or format for lesson plans. Individual principals had varying preferences/expectations but in general could not really require you to provide written lesson plans on a regular basis. The new contract that was recently passed does have language in there about lesson plans but the uni...See More
Nov 24, 2023

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