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    I'm a 29 year veteran high school history teacher. I have an MA in History and have been an adjunct instructor at a local community college. For years I have taught "Honor's World History" to 10th graders. Last year I was asked to teach an AP class, AP European History. I accepted. Our school is largely composed of low socio- economic stu...See More
    Bill t (now retired) I really wish more people had responded to your post. I guess this is just a tough nut to crack, huh?

    I haven't posted on the GATE board in years but felt compelled to post this time.

    I'm an "oldie" here on teacher's net; I was present when this site first became active decades ago, so I've been around the block a few t...See More
    May 20, 2015
    I will be teaching gifted Math with 6th graders. I know I have to teach the curriculum but how do I fit in extra stuff like projects and what type of projects are good for sixth grade.
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    deanie Thanks so much for the website! [link removed].

    On 7/20/09, Lindsey keller wrote: > An amazing resource for GT science and math enrichment projects is > [link removed]
    Jul 22, 2009
    MathLionness212 On 7/20/09, Lindsey keller wrote:
    > An amazing resource for GT science and math enrichment
    > projects is [link removed]

    It is supposed to be [link removed].
    Mar 28, 2015
    Consulting for Gifted children dealing with all problems and issues. Students can be taught thinking skills, different strategies to learn materials, how to generate ideas for special projects, academic comp. tips, creative projects, and finally to develop strengths and weakness in all areas.
    The author of this article typed "My students are" into Google. Read what happened and the author's remedy.
    Sarah Powley's latest article about a high school project:

    Project Based Learning Cures Hospital ER Problems – High School Students, PBL, STEM & Literacy
    Enhance your writing activities and enrich classroom discussions with the latest prompts!

    George Washington, Lena Horne, Benjamin Disraeli, transistors and a quotation, "If you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil” are just some of the writing and discussion starters - or newsletter nuggets - feat...See More
    Literacy across the curriculum: Why is it so important? What does it mean for instruction? And what does it look like?
    Explore the hidden curriculum-the learning that occurs every day, out of sight, as students are shaped by their environmental experiences.
    Writing prompts that support your efforts to teach not only writing, but social studies, history, geography, science, language, arts, religion… even pop culture!

    gazette.teachers.net/gazette/wordpress/james-wayne/writing-prompts-for-october-2/ (hyperlink follows in this post online)
    As our society and our classrooms become more and more multi-cultural, teachers should think about other cultures and our natural bias for our own culture. An authentic letter from Benjamin Franklin and the Indian response show interesting examples of cultural biases. Use them to prompt a good classroom or faculty discussion on cultures and cultura...See More

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