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    Re: A Child Called "It" ???
    Laura T.

    On 11/04/09, Victoria wrote:
    > I have not read this book, but I just read a report that
    > listed AR books by how many tests/how popular the books
    > were and this topped a few of the lists, especially middle
    > school. Is this an appropriate book for middle schoolers?
    > The amazon page mentions grades 9 and up but the reviews
    > say it is a story of resilience.
    > I'm just interested in hearing any and all opinions on this
    > book. Thanks!

    Wow!! It's been a while since I read that book, but I don't
    think that it is appropriate for middle school, maybe high
    school. It is sad the way this boy has to live and be treated.
    He is physically and mentally abused. He goes through all of
    this and is an incredible child!!