Comp 2 Assessment Description Form

    I'm completing my COMP 2- and almost finished!
    I'm trying to determine if I am supposed to submit
    a BLANK copy of the assessment ???

    I'm CTE - career/tech education-
    my At-A-Glances states:

    Submit 1 packet for each assessment:
    -Assessment #1 Packet
    ....assessment #1 description form
    ....assessment #1 materials
    ....Student A & B work samples for assessment #1

    Okay, so I know what the description form is
    and the work samples...
    but what is the "materials"? is this additional
    evidence of strategies I utilized? is it my instruction
    page guide/rubric I will use to assign the

    I have a short-answer questionnaire that I am using
    in the beginning of the lesson to gauge my students
    beliefs at that point- and why they believe etc...
    Should I submit a blank questionnaire, along with
    my student's filled ones?

    I know- very choppy chain of thought! I'm in
    crunch mode!!! eeeeeek!