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I just really want to vent about how I feel after I hit the submit button for Component 2 today. I'm not very tech savvy. I know how to type but it ends there. It took me a crazy amount of time to merge my student responses and forms and when I uploaded, some of the student responses were not legible. I know these are the first drafts where students wrote in paper and pencil. When I look at the responses on my computer, they are fine, but on my eportfolio, these handwritten pages are not legible. I do have other drafts which students did on Google Classroom so those are legible. I kept trying and trying to get those pages to be legible, but didn't happen. I decided to submit anyway. Was just tired. I'm an NBCT newb. Do any vets think this will affect my score significantly. Or am I just being paranoid?
Teach4Lyfe It might take points off if they can't read it, but I agree this was made to be rather complex combining files for submission. Next year, take your docs to Staples or Office Depot and have them scan them for you. They probably have better equipment. I had similar problems with Comp 4 and my husband used a powerful scanner at work.
May 22, 2017
Hatshepsut1215 What a Great suggestion! Thanks Teach4Lyfe. I will definitely do this as I prepare for Comp 3 & 4 for the upcoming school year!! Best to You!!
May 23, 2017

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