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I just really want to vent about how I feel after I hit the submit button for Component 2 today. I'm not very tech savvy. I know how to type but it ends there. It took me a crazy amount of time to merge my student responses and forms and when I uploaded, some of the student responses were not legible. I know these are the first drafts where students wrote in paper and pencil. When I look at the responses on my computer, they are fine, but on my eportfolio, these handwritten pages are not legible. I do have other drafts which students did on Google Classroom so those are legible. I kept trying and trying to get those pages to be legible, but didn't happen. I decided to submit anyway. Was just tired. I'm an NBCT newb. Do any vets think this will affect my score significantly. Or am I just being paranoid?

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