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    Call for Submissions: Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2016)!

    Apologies for cross-postings.

    Kindly email this call for papers to your colleagues, faculty members and postgraduate students.


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    Here is Susan Fitzell's list of the top 8 mistakes that can keep you from presenting an effective lecture.
    In this highly competitive environment, companies in India often look for a "perfect fit" that doesn't exist. From millions of engineering students graduating every year, one third or one fourth of them get placed. Similar problem is faced by UPTU students! Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) is the biggest technical university in A...See More
    I am studying Adult Learning and Workforce Education at a university. I love learning foreign language and I want to travel. My career goal is to work as a college professor or a career advisor who works with international students. Would a major in Adult Learning be efficient enough to obtain a career as a college professor or not? I appreciate an...See More
    Why is used middle cap in television?
    As you know nowadays Universities are charging big amount of their courses which is not possible for every common man. As a result, they start searching for other means of education other than the colleges they have dreamt of.

    It is true that one has to spend some amount of money for education, but do you think that the quality of should ...See More
    I am seriously considering an online Masters in Mathematics degree because I would like to teach online at a university (preferably). I would like to teach anywhere from pre- algebra to trigonometry. I am currently a full-time civil engineer. What level of math degree should I try to obtain at an online university. I have some universities with a f...See More
    Difficult to imagine, but a true story! In the just-posted August issue of Teachers.Net Gazette:

    The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read - By Owen M. Griffith - an incredible story!
    I want to organize a grassroots effort that will help teachers get their loans forgiven. The United States Department of Education with the support of Congress will only forgive teachers loans after 1998, if they paid off all loans prior to October 1998. That means fellow teachers if you have loans after October 1998 you will not be allowed to get ...See More
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    Cheryl Did anyone ever pursue the grassroots effort to change this loophole in the law? I'm in the same boat and would love to join the fight against this ridiculous stipulation!!!

    On 1/05/11, rackingbeauty wrote:

    > I am just like all of you...I am overwhelmed with student loan debt. I teach

    > in a Title 1 school with 100...See More
    Jul 27, 2014
    Cheryl That's terrible Tracy!!! I'm so sorry.

    I'm caught in the same loophole as everyone else with the pre- 1998 rule. I am VERY interested in participating in an effort to overturn this ridiculous rule. Please contact me if interested. [email removed]

    n 7/21/14, Tracy wrote:

    > How can I get in contact with someone on here ...See More
    Jul 27, 2014

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