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Our children in America are being cheated in many ways. I
want you to first remember who is teaching our children---
children who have increased in age and who probably
received the same public education growing up. These
former public education students are now given the
label "teacher," because of a 4-year degree and a state
teaching licensure. No matter how "educated" a teacher
appears to be, it does not guarantee that he or she is an
effective teacher. An effective teacher is able to teach
well because he or she is constantly learning right along
with the students. Teachers have seemed to lose their
ability to learn. Why do I say this? Well, because
students are rapidly changing, so should our methodology
for teaching students must change as well. The students
you have this year are very different from the students
you taught 5 years ago. The truth is that EVERY student is
very different from th...See More
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You freaking dummy! Stretch your brain for once. /blockquote>

On 6/30/07, I can't resist wrote:
> I'll start with this little gem:"Just because little Johnny
> doesn't analyze
>> mathematical equations with the same accuracy as Jackie
>> doesn't mean that Jackie is more intelligent than Johnny.
>> It only means that Johnny has some other tal...See More
Nov 9, 2007
Yeah sure. /blockquote>

On 7/07/07, LEE/MA wrote:
> "I wish I could take an ice pick and pluck all those stars
> from your eyes."

Just like took an ax and chopped off the feet of our husbands
before our eyes.

Children are brilliant; adults ruin them.
> I can assure you, I was upset and angry whe...See More
Nov 9, 2007
MY GOODNESS! She didn't say that. /blockquote>

On 7/28/07, name on this one wrote:
> I agree with some things that were said but.... just some
> things... but if Johnny were to always draw in math class,

She didn't say he always needed to draw in math class. If you
recognize a kids gift/strength and work with it, you should be
ab...See More
Nov 9, 2007
Thank goodness for Success /blockquote>

On 7/31/07, Success Friend wrote:
> Obviously Johnny is exhibiting signs of right-brained thinking
> and creativity. My point is that we need to focus on the
> intuitive and creative side of the brain more often to foster
> greater learning in all students. All standardized testing is
> le...See More
Nov 9, 2007
Success, you are one brilliant sister! Kids need you /blockquote>

On 7/31/07, Success Friend wrote:
> Your perception is negative because you think negatively. You are
> obviously offended by my comment. Maybe because you don't believe
> that all children are brilliant. I am a parent of two beautiful
> children, 3 and 1. I am an educator and consultant and have...See More
Nov 9, 2007

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