Re: Ipod's synch to one computer generally.
    Neal (M)

    Products Affected

    iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod mini, iPod, iPhone, iPod touch

    Using an iPod formatted for Macintosh on a Windows
    computer is not supported.
    Using an iPod formatted for
    Windows on a Macintosh computer is not supported. To
    determine your iPod's hard disk format see "iPod: How to
    determine iPod's hard disk format." To change the iPod format
    you will need to restore iPod using iTunes. For more
    information on the how to restore iPod with iTunes see
    "Restoring iPod to factory settings."

    Important: Synchronization generally occurs only in one
    direction, from your computer to your iPod.
    if you are legally allowed to transfer song files, you can
    use your iPod as a hard disk.
    An exception is the
    transfer purchases feature, which allows you to restore
    purchased iTunes content to an authorized computer from your

    As to the songs it depends on their DRM (Digital Rights
    Managmentz) some songs can be "authorised" on mulitple
    devices and some can not.

    I would be sure to have uploaded all the music to your
    computer before giving the ipod to them
    in case
    the lose all the contents.

    Use the link below to learn more, especially:

    Using your iPod to move your music to a new computer

    On 11/04/08, jules wrote:
    > I use an ipod in my kindergarten classroom very
    > successfully. I have many great songs. I would like to buy
    > a new ipod and download some of these songs for my
    > granddaughter. Is that legal? Will her parents be able to
    > add additional songs and manage the ipod from their own
    > computer? I have a mac and they have a pc. Thank you.

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