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Anyone use oil pastels in your classroom? How do you keep kids from making sure they don't end up all over the floor? As well as them using the sides of them to color because they want to rush and finish their piece.
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Pritika Prasad I usually keep empty small cartons in class. They become quite handy in lessons especially visual arts lessons. I place few oil pastels in each carton and share between 2 students. Explain how to use the oil pastels in each lesson as students do tend to forget. Nominate one person to be responsible for the oil pastels in each group. He/she needs to...See More
Oct 20, 2017
sherfick I would use Press & Seal to wrap everything but the tip of the oil pastel. Keeps the oil pastel stick clean and can be folded back over the stick, just roll back as the stick shortens. I use this on all oily and mess projects
Oct 24, 2017
Meena Oil pastels are difficult to use but once you get familiar with them, they'll be the best experience for you. Children should be taught the art form with ample guidance and patience so that they learn the very basics of it and also enjoy at the same time. here you can find oil pastel classes for children where they will learn in professional manner
Oct 24, 2017
Meena Using oil pastels can be very difficult for children but at the same time interesting too. Children should be taught with able guidance about how to use them so that once they learn the art form it stays with them forever. Quality and professional art classes for children can be found on
Oct 24, 2017
Jennifer When I have elementary students use oil pastels, I usually only introduce them in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. I demonstrate some techniques and give students practice time. Then I stop and we talk about "problems" or what the students find difficult and I address that in another demonstration.

I make sure to tell them that oil pastels must s...See More
Nov 3, 2017

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