Re: My Sister's Keeper

    On 4/10/08, Sharon Stockdale wrote:
    > I bought My Sister's Keeper...read a page or two and thought it to
    be slow. I then read her
    > book, The Pact and went WOW! I loved her writing. Nineteen Minutes
    was her best so far,
    > IMHO. I also read her latest Change of Heart and thought it well
    done. Her topics are
    > fascinating.
    > I went back and read most of My Sister's Keeper. I thought it was
    just about 150 pages too
    > long. I skipped chunks of the middle but then read the ending.
    Good, but way too many
    > words and pages.
    > I have some of her earlier books now and cannot read them. I
    forget their names now.
    > Joei Picoult is a fine writer. I will try her next one, too.
    I recently read Nineteen Minutes also. As an educator, it really
    gives you something to think about.