The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
Sean Camoni from Borders Educational Services

    Just a quick review:
    Book Thief
    by Marcus Zusak
    The tale of a young girl struggling to survive in Nazi
    Germany during WWII. I know what you're thinking - sounds
    familiar, right? Nope. You've never read anything like
    it. The girl isn't Jewish, but she is a thief. And the
    narrator is Death. He and the girl have crossed paths a
    few times, and unlike millions of other souls, she has
    made an impression on him.
    Until you sit and swim in its poetic language, its vivid
    characters, and visceral tragedy, you won't understand the
    power of the Book Thief. As a bookseller, I've been
    recommending this book to every teacher I talk to, to my
    coworkers, and my family and friends. Markus Zusak uses
    language physically; dozens of times I felt punched in the
    stomach by a jab of a phrase. Over the last twenty or
    thirty pages, I held my breath, I cried for an hour, and I
    had to tell my wife not to talk to me until I finished. I
    have never read a story about war and love and life and
    death that has broken my heart so completely with its
    poetry and truth. Congratulations to Markus Zusak on
    creating a novel that really should be around forever. PS- While this is being marketed as a young adult book
    (and I think high-schoolers should read this) adults will
    not be disappointed. I would not give it to a child
    younger than high-school age because of some PG-13
    language and the difficulty level. This is heady stuff,
    beautifully wrought, but not simple.

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