Re: Favorite Authors
2 cents

    On 2/23/08, muinteoir wrote:
    >> Dorothea Benton Frank
    > Oh! Me too! My mother was from that part of the country, and
    > when I read Frank's stories I can hear and see my mother and
    > aunt saying what the character are saying. Her books reach
    > on two levels: I love her stories and reading them reminds
    > growing up.
    > Other authors I like:
    > Alexander Mccall Smith
    > Fannie Flagg
    > Margaret George

    Hi muinteoir,

    I notice that we seem to be on the same "page" with our
    preferences ;)

    I like Fannie Flagg and LOVE Margaret George (Although I
    didn't like Helen of Troy very much, and I don't really know

    Here are some additional three suggestions:

    Isabel Allende (my personal favorite)
    Robert Cormier
    Phillippa Gregory (sp?)