Re: I'm so jealous - my book hasn't come yet!
    Susan/SC NFM

    On 6/09/09, chippy wrote:
    > It came in the mail today and I started it while DGD was at
    > the doctors.
    > I love the southern language it is written in and the way
    > each character has her own chapters.
    > In chapter one I thought that apparently Skeeter was very
    > close to her maid who raised her and she didn't like the
    > way Hilly thought maids should have outdoor restrooms.
    > The part about how Abiline's son died brought tears to my
    > eyes.
    > It makes me sad how Miss Leefolt won't nurture her own
    > baby. I'm so glad the baby has Abiline to love her.
    > I'm worried about the bitter seed that is growing in
    > Abiline.
    > I just started Minny's chapter but it looks right now like
    > the lady she is going to work for is going to be a hoot.
    > Your thoughts????
    > Andddddddddddd, please tell me if there is a better format
    > than this to discuss the book. Thanks for all your input!!!