Re: The Help CH. 14 - 16

    The times they were a'changin'! Chapt. 14 Aibileen responds to
    the question about all white school with --no, mixed would be
    ok. This was a time of great change for many
    groups.......Skeeter mentions the pill and married women not
    having to get pregnant.

    Very smart of Skeeter to turn Hilly's suspicions to empathy for
    Hilly...you are so tired, stressed, etc.

    On 6/14/09, chippy wrote:
    > I am glad Hilly and Skeeter have come to terms with what
    > Hilly found in the satchel. I can't help but think it is
    > only a temporary fix since things in their society are
    > getting so turbulent.
    > Still worrying about the safety of the maids and Skeeter.