Re: The Help (Ending)
    DC girl

    I just finished reading this book and have to admit that I
    really liked it... except for the ending. I was expecting a
    little more closure to some of the key characters like Aibeleen,
    Hilly, Minny, and Skeeter. I am not a bad person but was soooo
    getting ready to see Ms. Hilly suffer all the bad things she did
    to others and didn't get that. So a little disappointed there. I
    was also a little disappointed because I was in a high mode with
    all the drama and all of the sudden the book ended! I couldn't
    believe when I saw the acknowledgments page. I was ready to read
    100 more pages if she would've given them to me! That's how good
    and entertaining it was! But unfortunately I was left hanging,
    craving for more :(

    I also wanted to see what Minny did with her life and even
    wanted see Aibeleen find a real job as a writer. I didn't want
    the book to end with Aibeleen just being fired! I mean, common!
    What kind of an ending is that? I wanted to see more positive
    thngs to happen.

    I just hope there is a sequel to this book because I think the
    author really left me hanging with that ending.