The Help (Ending)

    It came way too fast. I didn't realize it was the end of
    the book until I went to read the next page and it
    said, "Acknowledgements". So I went back this morning and
    reread the last chapter preparing myself for it to be the
    end. Cried again when Abilene left the babies.

    So much happened. What a hoot that Skeeter's mom willed
    herself not to die. And then that and the support of the
    maids made it where Skeeter was able to take the job in NY.

    Sooooooo glad Minny is getting out of the abusive
    relationship. I'm sure there were so many other
    relationships like that then and the woment just had to
    endure. So glad she was able to get out.

    So hope Abilene will be ok financially now. I hope her
    writing career takes off. Maybe Skeeter can help her.

    Sorry that Celia still didn't make any friends though.

    My dh grew up in AL and had a maid--because his mom worked
    full time not because his mom was like the jr. leaguers in
    the book. He's mentioned several times how much he likes
    Driving Miss Daisy because they talk in that movie just
    like his maids did. Since we're on a mini-vacation and
    have a little time on our hands I got him to read the
    first chapter knowing he would love the dialect. He said
    it was just like going home again and was very comforting.
    He ended up reading 2 1/2 chapters which is the most I've
    seen him pleasure read ever!!

    Twas a great book and I'd LOVE to find out what happens to
    the characters!!

    Your thoughts?