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It came way too fast. I didn't realize it was the end of the book until I went to read the next page and it said, "Acknowledgements". So I went back this morning and reread the last chapter preparing myself for it to be the end. Cried again when Abilene left the babies.

So much happened. What a hoot that Skeeter's mom willed herself not to die. And then that and the support of the maids made it where Skeeter was able to take the job in NY.

Sooooooo glad Minny is getting out of the abusive relationship. I'm sure there were so many other relationships like that then and the woment just had to endure. So glad she was able to get out.

So hope Abilene will be ok financially now. I hope her writing career takes off. Maybe Skeeter can help her.

Sorry that Celia still didn't make any friends though.

My dh grew up in AL and had a maid--because his mom worked full time not because his mom was like the jr. leaguers in the book. He's mentioned several t...See More
cjode chippy, I AGREE! The ending came way too fast!

I loved it that Minny and Abileen encouraged Skeeter to move on. You are right in thinking about Skeeter being in a better position to support the maids from NY. She can connect Abileen to publishers. Also, since everyone had shunned her in Jackson, if she HAD stayed there to fight the fight,...See More
Jun 20, 2009
eminemmmm<33 i wish that it would tell you more about skeeter and stuarts relationship status. wish they got back together. and minnies baby! what happened? there was so many problems that were never solved. thats what i don't like about the ending. i could write so much on here because the book was AMAZING. i think hilly should've got some punishment, and Eliz...See More
Jan 18, 2011
DC girl I just finished reading this book and have to admit that I really liked it... except for the ending. I was expecting a little more closure to some of the key characters like Aibeleen, Hilly, Minny, and Skeeter. I am not a bad person but was soooo getting ready to see Ms. Hilly suffer all the bad things she did to others and didn't get that. So a li...See More
Mar 2, 2011

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