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Dear K-12 teachers,

While you are understandably busy trying to insure that each student can pass the multitude of standardized tests they are faced with each year, this often forces you to turn your back on a much bigger issue plaguing our schools. I’m writing today to address the issue of bullying in our K-12 schools and the negative psychological impact that it has on your students and their futures. I am calling for you to become more aware of the signs and symptoms, and to do more in your classrooms to prevent and stop this behavior. And in particular, I want to address the over proportional bullying of queer children in our schools. The culture of bullying is so tightly woven into the thread of academia that we can no longer say that the bullies are just ‘bad children’ and that their victims are ‘helpless but good.’ To take sides fails to recognize that the bullying culture that we allow through our silence influences how children interact with each other. Inde...See More

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