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    This Could Happen To You BY: Debra Karr

    It was 11:00 AM on this Thursday morning, one month into my
    student teaching semester. I had just finished teaching
    Charlotte Evensen's freshman English class at Warren High
    School in the Downey Unified School District. Evensen was
    one of two master teachers who supervised me and had been
    in the room during my entire lesson. The students had just
    left the classroom and Evensen called me to her desk.
    "Please come back and see me at 6th period" she said. 6th
    period was nearly three hours away, so I presumed that what
    she needed to tell me wasn't that pressing. I obliged, and
    came back to see her during 6th period.

    It was now roughly 2PM. Evensen and I stood in her empty
    classroom. She began, "You will no longer be doing group
    work in my classroom."

    "Fine" I said, "but may I ask why? The group work was a
    teaching strategy strongly suggested by my teaching
    credential program at California State University Long
    Beach (CSULB) and I was just implementing it."

    "Well you will not be doing it here", she continued,
    "Because while you were teaching with group work this
    morning, students were being sexually harassed and

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Really?" I asked,
    "Which students were being bullied and sexually harassed ?
    And where were they sitting?"

    Evensen did not give me specific names-just gestured
    vaguely to one side of the room and barked, "those kids
    over there."

    I then said, "Let me get this straight if students were
    being bullied and sexually harassed almost 3 hours ago, as
    you allege, why did you sit there and let it happen?"

    Like a politician that dodges a question, she responded
    with some general rant about how she was trying to help me.

    I wrote down this conversation between her and I
    immediately and put it into my journal, which is required
    by CSULB's credential program. I then went home and copied
    this conversation into an email to my University Supervisor
    Dianne Vipond.

    I then received an email from Vipond telling me that I
    would no longer be working with Evanson, but to continue my
    student teaching and report to work on Monday.

    That Monday I sat in an English Teacher meeting with my
    other Master Teacher-Monica Shulman. 20 minutes into the
    meeting, there was a knock at the door. The principal of
    the school John Harris and the English Department Chair
    Shirley Stewart stood in the door jamb. Ms. Stewart said,
    "Ms. Karr collect your things and come with us". I went
    outside with them, and Harris said, "We need you to leave
    campus until this thing is straightened out. We'll call you
    when it's time to come back." Feeling criminalized, I went
    around the corner to the Starbucks. Two hours later I
    received a call from Vipond telling me that I should just
    go home and that I'll be hearing from her later.

    7PM that evening I was told by Vipond that I am no longer
    allowed on the Warren Campus and that I'm not allowed to
    contact any staff member, student or parent of Warren HS or
    the Downey Unified School District.

    I wrote an email to Dr. Karen Hakim Butt the now interim
    Associate Dean of the College of Education at CSULB
    requesting further clarification and all I got back was an
    email from Downey Unified and CSULB saying that I was "not
    a proper fit". In sum, they kicked me out of student
    teaching with no investigation, no inquiry as to what
    transpired; no due diligence, no recourse.

    I tried to get my money back for the last student teaching
    semester, but the accounting office told me they needed
    some special code from Dr. Hakim Butt who was out of the
    office during the refund period, so CSULB still charged me.

    3 years of blood, sweat, tears, precious time and a
    mountain of student loans with no teaching license to show
    for it all. Unfortunately, my experience is not the only
    one. This is how these corrupt academics earn their bloated
    salaries and fund their pensions.

    I have gone to the CCTC, talked to 4 attorneys (even the
    office of Gloria Allred), written letters to Michele Obama,
    Ms. Biden, the Department of Education, and many others.
    Legally, they get away with this crap. Just letting you all
    know. Have a Happy New Year!


    Debra K. Karr

    From: > To: >
    Subject: Student Teaching for Debra Karr > Date: Thu, 7 Oct
    2010 13:27:19 -0700 > CC:; > > Hello Debra > > We received an
    official correspondence from Downey Unified School District
    dated Wednesday, October 6, 2010, requesting that you be
    removed from the district as a student teacher. The stated
    reason was \"Debra Karr is not a proper fit for our school
    district.\" Consequently, the Single Subject Credential
    Program has removed you from student teaching. I would have
    preferred to discuss your situation in person, but your
    email of October 6, 2010 asks that all communication be in
    writing. > > You will receive an \"NC\" for EDSS 472A. You
    will need to officially withdraw from EDSS 472 B & C and
    EDSS 473. If you officially withdraw from these courses in
    a timely fashion, you will receive a \"W\" on your
    transcripts. However, if you do not withdraw by the
    deadline you will receive an \"NC\" for each section that
    you do not withdraw from, per university policy. Please
    refer to the online University catalog for withdrawal
    deadlines and procedures. There is the possibility of a
    pro-rata refund of your fall semester fees if you complete
    the paperwork and withdraw by the university deadline. > >
    Per the Single Subject Credential Program Petition
    Committee letter to you dated May 13, 2010, the fall 2010
    semester was your final opportunity to successfully
    complete student teaching at CSULB; therefore, you will be
    disqualified from the CSULB Single Subject Credential
    Program. > > Please make arrangements with Dr. Vipond to
    return to her the materials you have in your possession
    that belong to Downey Unified School District. > >
    Sincerely, > > Dr. Hakim-Butt, University Coordinator >
    Single Subject credential Program > > >