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    Re: Need Job Advice

    I have been a school counselor for the past 10 years and the demand is
    definitely not what it used to be. With all the cuts in schools a
    counselor is a cut that doesn't directly affect the classroom. I have
    thoroughly enjoyed my past 10 years but when a classroom job came open
    that I knew I would enjoy I asked for it and will be going back to the
    classroom this next school year. Our district is facing huge cuts
    again next year after 2 years already of deep cuts. Right now, the
    safest place to be is a classroom teacher.

    On 5/20/11, Matt from CT wrote:
    > Miss Texas,
    > While looking through so many posts all over this website it was so
    > inspiring to read your response.
    > I'll be changing careers at the ripe old age of 34 and going from
    > higher education to School Counseling. Everyone keeps telling
    > me "you'll find a job so easy because you're a man..." and that
    > isn't what I want to hear. I realize the need for men in the field,
    > but I am hoping that my ten years of experience working in higher
    > education will help me get in the door over my gender.
    > Back to your post though Miss Texas. I too have a "feel good"
    > folder. Something I keep that is all sorts of letters of
    > recommendations, notes from college students, commendations, etc.
    > that whenever I am feeling down about what I do I look at. I'll
    > probably pull some things from there to add to my portfolio.
    > Thanks for the advice.
    > Now back to looking for a paid internship for next year in Eastern,
    > CT. Hello out there to anyone paying attention!