Peer Groups

    miscounduct of a school assistant principal towards a child

    my child was taken to the assistant principal's office
    for "supporting" the bad behavior of two kids against a new
    student. he was with them in the moment that they told
    something to the new student. according to the school my
    child should have told the teacher instead of speaking at
    all. my child is 8 years old and they consider him a bully,
    they are telling him he is a bully of "level 3" in third
    grade. because of this the assistant perincipal told imto
    take his school shirt off in front of his two friends and
    told him toreturn to class with only an undershirt on. he
    felt really embarrased annd he has been really depressed
    during the weekend. the bullying behavior that the other
    two kids had was to tell the new student to not sit with
    them. i just want to know if the behavior of the assistant
    principal in taking my child's shirt and belittling him in
    front of his classmates is ethical.