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my child was taken to the assistant principal's office for "supporting" the bad behavior of two kids against a new student. he was with them in the moment that they told something to the new student. according to the school my child should have told the teacher instead of speaking at all. my child is 8 years old and they consider him a bully, they are telling him he is a bully of "level 3" in third grade. because of this the assistant perincipal told imto take his school shirt off in front of his two friends and told him toreturn to class with only an undershirt on. he felt really embarrased annd he has been really depressed during the weekend. the bullying behavior that the other two kids had was to tell the new student to not sit with them. i just want to know if the behavior of the assistant principal in taking my child's shirt and belittling him in front of his classmates is ethical.
Betty Ann This seems strange. Is there any possibility that he was told to take off the shirt because the shirt was inappropriate? For example, gang colors, inappropriate words, etc.

Did the school administrator contact you about the incident?

On 10/23/11, cielo wrote: > my child was taken to the assistant principal's office > for "su...See More
Oct 23, 2011
Cielo No, not al all because the shirt is plain white and all it has on it is the school's logo on it. She said that supossely she was trying to submit the message that because of his "suppossed" bad behavior he did not belong nor was worthy of wearing the school's uniform. Of course my son is 8 years old and he did not understand that adult like message...See More
Oct 24, 2011
Diana Was your son's teacher there to witness what went on. You may want to check in with her. If she concurs with what took place which I think was very inappropriate for the assistant principal to use this type of behavior against your son. It appears she bullied him, some modelshe was. I suggest you go to the principal and discuss the situation and th...See More
Oct 30, 2011
delehla Is removal of the school shirt part of the discipline policy? Was this also done with the other two boys? Was your son singled out with this type of discipline or is this common? If he was singled out I definitely would talk with the principal.

On 10/30/11, Diana wrote: > Was your son's teacher there to witness what went on. You may wan...See More
Nov 15, 2011
Seriously???? You think that type of discipline is Ok as long as it is in their policy? His behavior was worse than the kids. Who cares if he was singled out IT IS WRONG to do that to a child. Period! This from counselors? Scary.

To the OP call the principal and make an appointment to talk to him Let him know about the shirt incident so he can check int...See More
Apr 26, 2012

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