Re: Discipline

    On 1/30/13, Lauren wrote:
    > How do you handle students with anger problems once they
    > are in a high school setting?

    I try to give all kids as much space as I can. I always speak
    in a calm tone and move calmly - like I'm a lion tamer- and I
    treat kids with sincere regard - I like kids. I don't do
    the 'no smiling, all business' thing. I hear everybody out and
    I keep homework to a minimum and I tell them why - I encourage
    them to have other things in their life besides school and I
    tell them there are things just as important as school - and
    they're are. They hear that so seldom that it takes them by
    pleasant surprise.

    I find for the most part that school just makes angry kids
    angrier and by giving them space, sincere regard and common
    sense even in just one class, they can calm down for that one

    So that's how I handle them - one calm, no surprises class at
    a time.