Re: Discipline
    Betty Ann

    It depends on the situation, but ...

    I try to build a positive relationship with each of my
    students, one that is not based on how they are doing in my

    I try to make sure that sensitive conversations (including
    verbal reprimands) are done outside the hearing of classmates.

    Depending on the situation, I may have a discussion with the
    student (not in the classroom). If so, one of my goals is to
    listen to the student to try to find out what's going on in
    the student's life that results in the anger. Sometimes there
    is a situation that the school can do something about.
    Obviously, that's not always the case. Nevertheless, it can be
    helpful to know. (Even if anger is understandable, acting out
    in school is not OK.)

    I try not to take minor misbehaviors too seriously--redirect
    and move on.

    I talk to the student's counselor and/or a school social
    worker if there are particular issues.

    If the anger problems are manifesting themselves in
    inappropriate classroom behavior, I generally talk with the
    student's dean.

    On 1/30/13, Lauren wrote:
    > How do you handle students with anger problems once they
    > are in a high school setting?