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Hello, I teach 9th and 10th grade English at a private school, so we are not required to align to common core standards. However, I feel it wise to align somewhat and know other teacher's content areas. I am trying to find out if there is required reading per grade level in high school for public schools or if teachers can select the reading material. Also, if teachers are able to select, what are the most common novel choices per grade level in ninth - 12th grade? I heard of a trend of favoring the more modern books such as Divergent or Hunger Games. Is that true as well?
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Kelly On 6/03/15, Kathleen Morlan wrote: > I would check this link for information about the Common > Core / College and Career Ready curriculum units that have > been developed for Maryland Teachers. > > [link removed]!

Jun 4, 2015
marjoryt My community college gets students from over 50 local high schools,plus a few schools from out of state. We also get transfer students from other community colleges and universities.

My best freshmen college students have been exposed to a variety of reading materials, both modern AND classic. They have read poetry, short stories, novels,...See More
Jun 17, 2015
dyanlay@yahoo.com God knows what kids (should) read in high school!total
enigma.There are no guidelines, whatever the teacher finds
on a spur of a moment... millions of teachers teaching
their own stuff all over the USA... and this "common core"
joke!There should be a mandatory list of readings and
teachers can supplement with what they cons...See More
Mar 4, 2016
keep it balanced.. Do some classic literature and some modern literature. You could teach the Lottery and then easily move into the Hunger games with the theme of scapegoating people for punishment. That's a theme you see in a lot of mythology as well. You could even read some science fiction and include a non fiction reading about who technology is changing the worl...See More
Apr 4, 2017
Keisha L. well the students that I teach we go over mostly like American History and culture stories in books or at home from links and then do a paper on it
Jul 26, 2017

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